23 September 2008







Online Professional Learning Services (OPLS)



Many of you will have discovered this exciting resource on the Online Curriculum Centre (OCC). If you have not yet found this site, you can find it by looking at the very top bar of every page you open once you sign into the OCC. Click on Blogs. Lee Davis, maintains most of the information here- he is the head of OPLS- called “opels”. In his blog, Lee summarizes the latest useful websites and learning tools available on the web. There are many exciting initiatives available here.

Inform about resource

Visit this blog regulary, book mark it, use the RSS feature.



IB Digital Space Initiative



The future of the IB online service provision looks very exciting indeed. This site explains and shows what the OCC will look like in the very near future. In addition to an exciting new look OCC, there will be a separate area for teachers and students. If you wish to have a say about what you would like this site to look like, please complete the brief survey by clicking on the link found on the first page of this site linked above.




Take the survey. Get excited about the future!

By 26 September 2008


IB Community theme


Another exciting initiative by the IB is this site- where you will find some postings about BIS. If you want to know what the OCC will soon look like, it will be very much like this page.


Teachers are encouraged to contribute to this site, you may also create access for your students in the students’ section- there are no anonymous postings.


You will be required to login and register- this is not the same as your OCC username and password- you create your own here.



Register, log in and get your students involved.




BIS Professional Development Resources

Within the next day or two, you will be receiving an invitation to join the BIS Professional Development group on Shelfari, www.shelfari.com. I have created a group here- the one to which you will be invited. The purpose of the group is to share and comment on learning and teaching resources.



Accept the invitation, begin sharing information and comments on resources



Visible Thinking in Action



An extension of Harvard’s Project Zero, this site is an extraordinary journey to exceptional learning and teaching methodology.



Read through the site. Receive inspiration about what and how we teach.

We will have a faculty discussion about this at the first possible opportunity.

By 10 October 2008


Thank you

Werner Paetzold

Curriculum Coordinator



About Werner Paetzold

Canadian International of Hong Kong Extended Essay Coordinator
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