27 November 2008







Professional Reference Library in the Staff room aka Faculty Lounge

We have begun sharing some personal resources on these shelves. The names of the owner can be found inside the front cover for reference purposes. Should you wish to contribute your own resources here, please send them to Ulan who will prepare them for display and checkout.

To inform about PD resources

Read, Learn and share!

The rest of our lives.



Professional Development opportunities within the IB

Follow this link to see what workshops are available around the world. There is a searchable option to specify programme and region. http://www.ibo.org/events/workshops.cfm

Please note the IBAP workshop calendar is updated periodically and may be found here:


 Tips for making the most of your PD budget: plan to attend a workshop where you are going on holiday to combine airfares. Choose a PD option where you can stay with a friend. Share a room with a colleague.

To inform about PD resources

Plan with your supervisor, for 2009 and complete relevant forms.

Ongoing but take note of early bird registration deadlines.


IBAP Teachers Convention 19-21 March 2009 Singapore Assessment for

Meaningful Learning”.



To inform about PD opportunities

As above

Deadline: 23 January 2009.



Professional Development opportunities outside of the IB



Please note all PD is covered by the same budget. There is no additional budget for conferences/conventions or non IB PD.

To inform about PD resources

Not all PD has to be IB. There are many other appropriate options. Discuss with your supervisor.

Ongoing- watch deadlines.


Inspirational online resource for Professional and Personal Development



To inform about PD resources

Download as Podcasts to iTunes or other video players on your computer. 20 mins each.

Ongoing- updates weekly.


If you are fascinated by Howard Gardner



To share an article.

Read, discuss.




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