7 November 2008







Professional Reference Library in the Staff room aka Faculty Lounge

You might have noticed a few reference works on display in our new bookshelf in the staffroom. These works are for us to use to develop our professional learning. Please complete the sign out sheet in these books and leave this on the shelf so we know who has what. In the near future, some colleagues will be sharing their personal resources on that same shelf- contributions are welcome and resources are treated with gratitude!


To inform about PD resources

Read, Learn and share!

The rest of our lives.



Building school and classroom communities

At the workshop I gave in Tokyo, a teacher shared a resource I found to be amazing. If anyone has used this system or knows how to make it work best- please let me know so that we can start sharing! I have ordered several works from this author for our PD shelves. The system is called TRIBES. Here is some information about how it works and what is being done with it in some schools. http://www.tribes.com/reaching_all_students.htm


To inform about a great PD resources and ask for more information or interest.

Have a look at the web site and send me your comments please

By 28 November 2008.



Articulating the three IB programmes

At the IBAP conference in Beijing, I met with Jennifer Giddings (head of the PYP) and Christine Amiss (Head of articulation of the programmes).  Our discussion focussed on the alignment of published documents and the crucial role of supporting language acquisition and supporting the mother tongue across the curriculum.


We also exchanged ideas about how to learn from Reggio Emilia schools as a model of learning for all levels of schools. A lot of work is being with the Harvard Post Graduate School of Education’s Project Zero and this Italian educational initiative. A most inspiring publication entitled Making Learning Visible is their joint publication.


I have caused a copy of one and half thrilling chapters from this publication to be placed in your mail boxes for your reading pleasure this weekend or whenever inspiration is sought.

To inform about ongoing professional dialogue.


To inform about the presence of stimulating professional reading to be found in pigeon holes in the staff room.

Participate in professional discussions online on the OCC and in person with each other about ways in which we can effectively articulate the three programmes.


Read the materials at your leisure.



Curriculum Coordinator


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