What’s new on the Staffroom Teachers’ Resources Bookshelf?

With the mid semester break fast approaching and especially for those of you wondering what is best for reading under a blanket by flashlight during Nyepi, here is a list of the latest works to be found on the ever more exciting shelves in the staffroom. Feel free to peruse any works that take your interest. Feel even freer to write a comment about any of the resources on this forum.

Hover your cursor over the title of the work and a snapshot preview will give you details about the work. Clicking on the title will take you to where that book is on Google Books- you can read a lot more about each work from there if that is what tickles your fancy. Of course you could just browse the books themselves over coffee or lunch in the staffroom.

The Strategic Teacher, selecting the Right Research- Based Strategy for Every Lesson by Harvey Silver et al.

Five Minds for the Future by Howard Gardner

Changing Minds by Howard Gardner

Developing More Curious Minds by John Barell

Building Academic Vocabulary Teacher’s Manual by R. Marzano et al

Reaching all by Creating Tribes Learning Communities by Jeanne Gibbs

The Element by Sir Ken Robinson

Formative Assessment: Responding to your students by Harry Tuttle


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One Response to What’s new on the Staffroom Teachers’ Resources Bookshelf?

  1. Kathryn Bruce says:

    I would be interested to hear other people’s views on Three Cups of Tea. Despite the overwhelming need for improved education for girls in Pakistan, I found it hard to be sympathetic to the ordeals endured by the people of the Asia Institute. Sometimes I felt they were very self-righteous?

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