Three new publications to visit on the Staffroom shelves!

The Skillfill Teacher by John Saphier et al is an excellent read. This work was highly recommended by Bambi Betts during the workshop she presented here. To find out more about the authors or to read sample chapters, simply click on the title of the text in the first sentence of this post.

ASCD publications

As you know, we have a membership with this organization that entitles us to several deliveries of the editors’ choice of publication. The most recent delivery seems to be causing quite a sensation in the world of education. I wrote about this to the parents in this week’s Newsflash. We have ten copies available in the staffroom for your perusal. To read more about the editor, Heidi Hayes Jacobs and to read sample chapters online, simply click on the link here: Curriculum 21: Essential Education for a Changing World.

Earlier in the year, we were sent a copy of the latest edition of Multiple Intelligences in the classroom. I have added a link to this title to take you a summary of this very useful text that also includes sample chapters online in case you can’t wait to start reading!

We welcome your comments and contributions to the PD shelf.


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1 Response to Three new publications to visit on the Staffroom shelves!

  1. Chris Akin says:

    Curriculum 21 is a must read for all educators. I love the line “we cannot simply lean on what we are accustomed to teaching …” simple but oh so true.

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