Notes for April 2011

1. How can using Google Apps enhance our students’ cognitive engagement?

2. My top three educational blogs

In this post, I would like to share with you some of the ways in which I have been engaging in my own professional development with regards to using technology in the classroom. Apart from following a selection of interesting educators on Twitter, including those listed below, I spend as much time as I can following several educational bloggers. Here are my top three favourites.

Richard Byrne’s Free technology for teachers is a gold mine of fantastic examples. He updates several times a week. It was through his postings that I found Kathy Schrock’s work above.

Keri-Lee Beasley is a friend of mine whose blog, Tip of the Iceberg bubbles over with enthusiasm and amazing technology applications that she uses in the primary division of UWC SEA in Singapore.

Kim Cofino blogs from Yokohama International School. She also shares amazing ideas and experiences about applying technology in the classroom. Her most recent posts explain the power of Twitter in helping everyone stay in touch after the most recent earthquake.

3. Mother Tongue Month

Following the Home Languages and Mother Tongue day that we had last term, I have volunteered to run this for next year so that I have a whole year to prepare for this event. There are two propositions that I have for my esteemed colleagues:

  • we have one month of home language celebrations, which include things like PTFA film nights (screening films from different languages for different audiences- e.g. some nights might be for parents only, others for children etc)
  • the one month celebration will be the anchor and focus but we will plan year long events, such as guest speakers etc to maintain an honest development and support of home languages.

I welcome any ideas and offers of support. I am beginning my planning now and am hungrily looking for committee members from all parts of the school.

4. The IB’s Global Engage project.

As part of the IB’s ongoing commitment to developing global citizens, this project has been created as an opportunity for students and teachers of all ages to become involved or to be inspired to become involved and to share their stories. Here is the official site.


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